How do I get the balance of all my users

I need to get the current record for all the holdings of the users on my exchange per account. So any user who has any holding is displayed with the amount and the currency along with his email as a report.

How can I achieve this as an exchange administrator?

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seems you’d need admin API key access

not a dev, however these links may help: HollaEx Blog - 🆕 Automate Your Exchange: HollaEx v2.6 New Admin APIs and Libraries or API Reference (edit: Requires Crypto Pro, Fiat Ramp and DIY Boost)


Currently there is a function for developers to get the data called getBalances.

That being said, this feature is going to be natively supported in the operator control with a user interface for the administrator to easily query the data related to the balances and get csv reports.


This feature is now supported on v2.7. Once you upgrade you should be able to see that in the balances tab under assets in the exchange operator control.
You can read more about the new features in this release here: Release Notes - HollaEx


It currently allows you to download all the data in CSV with filtering. It would be nice to display some stats with a user interface beyond just the raw balance data.


I upgraded it to v2.7 and I can get all the balances the way I was looking for. Thanks for the support and this great platform.


For those curious about how the new operator controls UI can help get the user(s) balances:


after clicking download, a .csv will be downloded