How do i add a new blockchain in Hollaex?

We have created a new blockchain based on Hyperledger and we want to add that blockchain in Hollaex Assets. I have checked the Assets option and i see option to add tokens using the contract address if the token is on ETH, Tron or BSC but couldn’t figure out how to add custom blockchain which has it’s own Mainnet. Can someone guide us on how to do it ?


Custom assets require custom integration for wallet support. You need to contact [email protected] and send them all the business and technical information about your blockchain and coin.

The process could take some time since adding new custom assets require a lot of care and considerations.

Hey! This is an old Graphic I got from the team a while ago, not the cleanest but it’s pretty self-explanatory

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Thank you @Youdontknowme , @ali .

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Thank you @Youdontknowme

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