How can I make a landing page for my exchange?

Hi community.

I want to make a cool landing page for my exchange, but not sure where to start.

Can you guys give me some tip?



Hey there!

HollaEx Kit actually does have a default landing page by default.

Try to set export const DISPLAY_LANDING = true at the /web/src/config/constants. This will make the HollaEx Kit to display the landing page.

To customize it, you can start from the /web/src/containers/Home/index.js file.

Another idea to have a landing page is, making a completely new webpage for the landing outside of the HollaEx Kit. For example, you can have your own custom landing page at, and can have the HollaEx Kit web at by using subdomains.

Hope you can find the best way for you!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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