HollaEx Setup (AWS details)

In the HollaEx setup part of the cli there is a section with AWS details with no examples.

What do I put in these sections? Can I skip these so that I can test the exchange?

Hi Billy.

On AWS sections of hollaex setup command, You should provide your AWS access key, secret key, and the region of your AWS resources.

You should have AWS access key / secret key to access your AWS S3, AWS SES, AWS SNS. You can check this document to see why we require these services of AWS for HollaEx.

To create new user & generate keys for the user, Please check this document by AWS.

For testing purposes, You can also skip these sections. Just leave it as blank. Keep that in mind that If you just skip these sections, Your email (including for user register verification) , SMS, and id documents backup to S3 bucket will not gonna work.

Once you become ready to provide AWS keys for the exchange, Please run hollaex setup --reconfigure command to update your settings values.


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