Get Order endpoint returns "Access Denied: API request is expired"

Hi there .
I’m working on integrating a new exchange based on hollaex .
All is working fine, except that the endpoint order?order_id= take too much time to answer and give Access Denied: API request is expired all the time .

I have this problem only for this endpoint, all others are working fine and I get the answer in 1 or 2 sec .
I have set api-expires on the header of my request .
I’m not sure about what to do .
Here is the doc: API Reference

And here is the part of my code :

	 	public function getoneOpenOrder ($uuid)
		$custom = array (
			'req'   => 'GET'	
		return $this->call ("order?order_id=$uuid", $custom, $params =null, true);
$bitflix = new Bitflix ($key, $secret);
$uuid ="d48fb406-bfa2-4173-b3fb-0000000000";
$getorder = $bitflix->getoneOpenOrder($uuid);

result (after 1 min of waiting):

    [message] => Access Denied: API request is expired

Any idea ?

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Is this for an order that was already created? Did the order get filled or got canceled?
Are you able to get all the orders and do you see this order among them?

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I made a test, I created a sell order, and called the endpoint , it work fine .
As soon as I cancel it on the exchange, the endpoint return Access Denied: API request is expired.

Why it not return the order with the status “canceled” ?

It is very critical, I may not be able to integrate the exchange on my bot if the API is bugging as soon as one order is canceled .

See all the output of my script:

    -bash-4.2$ php /home/billy/www/test.php
start: 2022-01-11 09:46:40 
    [id] => c5214cdf-d4f1-47bb-9686-592c16c6e26d
    [side] => sell
    [symbol] => sol-usdt
    [size] => 0.02957915
    [filled] => 0
    [stop] => 
    [fee] => 0
    [fee_coin] => usdt
    [type] => limit
    [price] => 162.7
    [status] => new
    [created_by] => 122431
    [created_at] => 2022-01-05T19:28:27.267Z
    [updated_at] => 2022-01-05T19:28:27.267Z
end: 2022-01-11 09:46:41 
-bash-4.2$ php /home/billy/www/test.php
start: 2022-01-11 09:47:01 
    [message] => Access Denied: API request is expired
end: 2022-01-11 09:48:03 

The API have to return
[status] => canceled
like all other exchange or it will be impossible to see if one order is canceled .

Thanks for raising this. You should be able to get the canceled orders too. We will check this issue in details.

Thanks for your fast answer.
I’m glad that it will be solved because I’m currently stuck in my integration and have to wait that this endpoint is fixed to continue .

Please let me know when it’s fixed .
Thanks in advance !

Hi .
Any news ?
Still not working …

This is going to be fixed in the next release.

It work now, thanks you very much !

Is this issue resolved?