Fiat Integration

I have been using the diy hosting method. It has been very usefull till now. But i am facing issues when starting on with the third party plugin url.

From my admin page i have been facing issues, the next button doesnt gives any respond after i copied the url. I also wanted some guidence to what i have to do if i have the code that can redirect my payment system with fiat. If bitholla provides such things than please help me.

the fiat gateway i want to integrate is

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Hi Anish, there is some info about bank integration here: Bank integration - HollaEx and some about plugin dev here: hollaex-kit/server at 2.0-develop · bitholla/hollaex-kit · GitHub and here: Overview - HollaEx

I would also be interested in such plugin. Maybe a framework should be developed as there so many payment processors out there. The KYC plugin is good for the KYC part of the equation but we need and automated way of doing FIAT to Crypto using major payment processors. The bank plugin simply allow to add banks to a user which is not enough.

With a framework, we could simply add processors following a set of rules as most of them are using the same type of approach which secret/private keys and call back urls for transaction confirmation.

@Senior Members, is there any initiative in place for something like that? How should we proceed to start something like that?

Right now, I added a button for my members to go to an external payment processor and then on the payment form, I ask them for their wallet ID and then they proceed with the payment. I receive an email from the payment processor and send the amount to the user wallet ID.

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Very helpful, thank you. :star_struck:

There are two types of assets:

  • Blockchain based
  • Fiat

For fiat assets since you are issuing them in the system while you being the custodian, you require to put 500,000 XHT as a collateral to become a member exchange and have a fiat ramp access.

You could instead add a stable coin blockchain and use that for fiat assets. You can use transfer function to simply transfer assets between your users as well.

I am at my initial stage and collateral is not possibe yet therefore i was searching for alternate options for my users to integrate the exchange with fiat. it would be very helpfull if you can guide me through the process of ramp network to the hollaex kit