Exchange Questions

Hi everyone perhaps someone will know the answers to these questions.

When redoing the server I have noticed that we cannot use the same email addresses to sign up as Administrator again. Why is this and where is the information stored? As I have wiped my server several times and it somehow still knows my previous logins and won’t let me use an old one again.

Is the kit able to have scripts plugged into the software?

Will other features be added in the hopefully near future, like Bots, Futures trading, Margin Trading, Lotteries, Leverage and other trading types?

Why is it so expensive to have trading pairs implemented? It seems that in combination with having to collateralize the exchange that this substantial in financial nature.

Lastly, I have noticed that liquidity is quite low on the mainet exchange is or will there be implantation of api keys so that our exchange may be tied to another exchange to boost liquidity?

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Hello there. Hope this helps you to solve your curiosity.

  1. Your old admin account information is left on the HollaEx Network, and that information is unique. This unique account can’t be overwritten or remove/modified. Technically, HollaEx is not designed to be set upped for multiple times using the same account. The best practice is to create a new account if you want to create a new exchange (or start over from a scratch).

  2. If this question is about developing plugins for HollaEx Kit, please refer to this doc.

  3. There is no clear roadmap for adding the additional features you’ve asked for now. But HollaEx Kit is an open-source project. You could always contribute if you have any new ideas. :slight_smile:

  4. It’s more like a safety barrier to avoid abuse. People with responsibility can only claim new trading pairs and coins on the HollaEx Network.

  5. The liquidity of each HollaEx Kit exchange is all connected and shared. That’s the charm of the HollaEx Network concept. You don’t need to do an additional job to bound multiple exchanges by yourself. Basically, when more people come into the HollaEx ecosystem, there will be more liquidity created by those. But, If you are interested in having more liquidity right now, you could contact [email protected] for more details.