Exchange is not shown after login in the server

Hello there,

I logged into my bitHolla dashboard from my server to pick the exchange few days ago. Today, I logged in again, even though more than 24 hours has passed from my last login , my token is still valid and no exchange is shown

Hi there.

Thank you for reporting this. We were also able to reproduce the issue that you posted. This is an issue on CLI logic level which handles a token validity.

To fix it for now, Please remove .token file at your HollaEx Kit path and run the setup command again.

We are also preparing a patch release for this. Should be up very soon. I will reply on here once the new release goes up.

Thank you.

Hi again.

We just released a version 1.8.5 of HollaEx CLI which includes a bug fix that you brought up. You can run the script at your HollaEx Kit directory to upgrade your CLI to the latest.

Please check the changelog if you want to see more details.

Thank you.

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