Exchange auth failure

I ran into the issue when migrating my exchange and after I setup the exchange again I saw this error: exchange auth failed. I want to know:

  1. What exchange is the auth failure?
  2. How does it occur?
  3. How do I resolve it?
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Exchange auth failed happens because your exchange is not able to communicate with the HollaEx Network. This could happen for different reason commonly issues with communication with HollaEx Network.

Another reason could be the API key and secret used for communication. If its revoked, it would disconnect your exchange.

You need to identify the root cause of the error. Most of the time a simple exchange restart is going to be sufficient but it has to do with the keys, it would be a more serious problem.

In order to reset the keys you can use hollaex toolbox command:
hollaex toolbox --set_activation_code

You need to specify the exchange activation code, key and secret. They must be passed through and environment variable exported to your console. These values can be retrieved from

Note that once a key is generated you can not view the secret anymore so you need to revoke that key and make a new one to use in your exchange.

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Thanks for the answer. I see that I can only have one key active on
Is there any reason for limiting that? I can’t generate another key without revoking the one I have. It also seems like the first key is generated automatically.