Error: Invalid URI issue - custom domain is set

Whenever I make any change on the dash.hollaex portal such as add new asset or Quick Restart to sync changes I get the error "Error: Invalid URI “/v2/notification/apply”. Everything works on the exchange itself including the API health and constants pages. I have the custom URL set in the dash.hollaex portal but it’s a but I still get that error for some reason. I have a domain and webhost on one server and I am just using DNS to point a subdomain to the DIY exchange on another server using an A record, nothing unusual. URL’s are as follows:

I’ve done the setup and prod twice to ensure I did not typo anything and have restarted it after each attempt. Any idea what else would cause this? Thanks!


OK I just noticed on the dashboard “connect your own domain” is still on the To-Do list, and now suddenly the API address is blank, apparently it is not saving successfully despite being correct in the configmap file and running the set_config command after double checking everything. It’s still blank after saving and refreshing multiple times.

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What do you see under general section in for exchange url and domain?

The domain is properly entered and saved. The API URL however will not save any value I enter at all. I will enter and click SAVE and it will say successfully saved, however when I refresh it is then blank again.

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Oh and the API URL and domain URL are correct in the exchange itself. I opened the config file in nano and they are both there and correct. What’s weird is the 2 API pages work just fine as seen here: