Error [ hollaex web --setup

Every time I start the command ((hollaex web --setup)) I get this error:

MacBook-Pro-de-amin:hollaex-kit amineloualisadki$ hollaex web --setup
Building the user HollaEx Web image.
Generating .env for Web Client
Sending build context to Docker daemon 53.03 MB
Step 1/15 : FROM node:12.18.3-buster as build
Error parsing reference: “node:12.18.3-buster as build” is not a valid repository/tag: invalid reference format
Failed to build the image.
Please confirm your configurations and try again.
If you are not on a latest HollaEx Kit, Please update it first to latest.
MacBook-Pro-de-amin:hollaex-kit amineloualisadki$

How could I fix it?


The image repo/tag node:12.18.3-buster is a valid name for the official Node image.

Can you try to run docker pull node:12.18.3-buster through your terminal and see you can get the image successfully?

If so, try to run the hollaex web --setup command again. The HollaEx CLI would use the downloaded image first (the one you pulled with docker pull command), so the issue might gonna be bypassed.