Email Notifications

I went to set up SMTP Settings and not sure exactly why I am getting an error for users when they sign up. I tried the cloud hosting, and then switched to office 365 to test. Still not getting the confirmation email. Is there documentation for this for office 365.

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Could you share a screenshot of the error you are getting?

There was just a kit release with some improvements on the onboarding flow without setting up mail servers. You would want to try that.

Take a look at here for mail server setup:

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Its not technically

and error code users are just not getting the emails.

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I did get it by using a different email service. Sendinblue works great with it. Thank you for the responses. I have 2 other open questions if you could help :smile:


Could you please tell where in sendinblue you set up the automatic reposonse mail
Thank you