Domain Setup for Web

I entered my domain name during the hollaex setup process. However, when I go to my domain after starting the web client, I don’t see anything there. Are there more steps I have to take to connect my domain to hollaex?

Hi there.

First of all, Please make sure that you’ve already launched the web client. hollaex setup command is only for just setting up the exchange initially. To start the exchange, you should run hollaex start additionally. Similar for web, hollaex web --start command is required to run the web client server.

Once you confirmed that your servers are all good, Please also make sure that you’ve set your domain correctly. You should point your computer’s (or server) public IP on your domain settings. You’ll be able to set domain settings at your domain provider’s website.

Keep in mind that both exchange API server and web client require different domains.

Heres the examples :

If you are still experiencing an issue, or have any other questions, Please be feel free to reply.