Domain name/hosting

Hi everyone, i have been at this for 10+ hours straight and for the life of me i cant get it to work. if anyone can please help it would be greatly appreciated.

I have my own server (my own PC basically) and have set up the exchange server correctly ( it does come up with this “WARNING: The following deploy sub-keys are not supported and have been ignored: resources.reservations.cpus” but it ends with a succesful completion message so not sure if this affecting me or not.

May main issue is that I have bought a domain name from, but have the exchange hosted on my server, im a bit confused as to:

1- what should i enter as a URL and DOMAIN in Bitholla’s hosting page for my exchange?
2- What should I enter as DNS for Namecheap?

I have tried everything possible but nothing works. any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
and thank you all for the amazing work Bitholla team!!!

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Hi there.

Looks like you are having an issue with setting up a domain.

Basically, you need to set your domain (DNS) to point to your server’s IP address.

You should configure 2 domains: one for the API, and the other for the web.

For example, if your domain is, set the and to point to your server’s IP.

You can follow this doc from Namecheap to see how-to.

Once it’s all set, you should also run the hollaex prod command on the CLI.

This is a HollaEx CLI command which helps you to set domains for your exchange.

You can follow this official doc for running the command.

Please give it a shot, and let me know if you need further help.

Thank you.

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