Dogecoin branded exchange. Such amaze!

Just discovered the white-label exchange kit and started a coin branded exchange for dogecoin. Suprised how easy it was to get started and rebrand everything was.

Anyway below are some screenshots:

I set up a Dogecoin asset myself but was wondering if there will be a DOGE default asset added itself so that can trade it?

Doge to the moon! Dogecoin

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Henlo hooman.

Cool exchanger. Much joy. Good find.

Dogecoin will be added to the HollaEx Network, very soon.

Once it’s added to the Network, you can simply subscribe to it from the bitHolla Dashboard, and that’s it. You will have a Doge on your exchange. Very technology, many simple!

Later, you could also set the Doge as your exchange’s native currency. That will make your exchange’s default currency as Doge. Wow. So excite, much dogecoin.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to bring it up.

Thank much hooman.

Doggo good boi


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