Develop subreddits [REWARD: :xht: 200 XHT]

Develop subreddits for HollaEx, adding links to relevant areas and general posting of HollaEx info.

200 XHT reward (+100 XHT for extra great work)

More information will be provided upon acceptance. Note, experience with subreddit format is a plus!

EDIT, 12th July: For your security, don’t put your email address or you may get spam. Instead simply mention interest and using the personal messaging system will suffice.


I would be glad to help develop the subreddits. I have automod and previous community experience in building and growing subreddits. One of the main things I like working on is the development of the menu in the community with useful links as well. Another would be answering questions or helping in giving resources.


Will send you more information and thanks for helping out!


I wanted to share a little bit about what I have been working on.

One of the main things implemented was the automod to help in key searches. For example if someone was to say help or service a automatic response to some references can be provided. I also added a few other autoresponding bots that will allow tweets to be sourced within comments to help clarify a link shared on the sub before clicking.

Another part of the subreddit I worked on was creating a functional sidebar with helpful links and tools to have a easy experience for a first time user. Anything about setup is provided and links to the actual articles leading to the main forum here.

As the community grows and XHT is adopted more I think there will be some changes in terms of adding more information. I worked on some artwork for the listings locations and linked them to make it clear and easy for anyone to view.


:xht: :xht_symbol: You’ve successfully unlocked XHT rewards for your contribution.

Thank you so much this was a really cool mini job! I checked my wallet and I did get a notification of receiving the XHT. I hope to see other jobs open up soon!

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