Deploy Using Kubernetes

Hi everyone.

I am working on an exchange that I would like to deploy on the Kubernetes platform. I am trying with this but this but this doesn’t look straightforward like the ubuntu guide.
Is there any manifest or help chart that helps me do this like a simple k8s file or something with all requirements preinstalled?

Thank you.

Hi there.

You could basically add --kube flag behind of the typical hollaex commands to perform it for the Kubernetes.

For example, hollaex setup --kube command would setup a HollaEx Kit environment initially on your Kubernetes environment.

The hollaex seutp --kube command would install the entire HollaEx Kit on the Kubernetes by using the [helm]( package manager. Please make sure to set the Helm v2 up and running on your Kubernetes environment before doing a HollaEx setup.

For the SSL certificate issuing, HollaEx CLI uses cert-manager preinstalled on the Kubernetes environment. Please install the [cert-manager]( on your Kubernetes if you want to also enable an SSL for your HollaEx exchange.

With the same logic, hollaex web --setup --kube command would setup a HollaEx web server (trading page) on your Kubernetes.

You could start, stop, and restart the exchange by using hollaex start / stop / restart --kube commands.

We understand that the current docs for Kubernetes deployment is a bit “weak”. We are constantly working on the improvement, so It would be much better as time goes by :rocket:.

Thank you, and let me know if you need any further help.

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thank you for explaining in detail. I will try with it.

I got the time to try it out, But I am running a Kubernetes environment on the cloud. It doesn’t provide any docker running outside to be used. When I do hollaex setup --kube Then I get an error that no running docker demon found.


The CLI requires a docker daemon running at your client system (your computer) to build a HollaEx image on the fly for the exchange. You should install and run the docker first on your computer where you are running the HollaEx CLI.

Also, you should export your kubeconfig file for your Kubernetes cluster before running any --kube command. Please run export KUBECONFIG=<PATH_TO_YOUR_KUBECONFIG_FILE> on your terminal before running kubectl setup --kube.

Thank you.

ok sure, let me try it, thank you
however i had a feedback that you can create repository that will publish latest build images of hollaex exchange to be used instead of build one locally which as i am thinking makes exchange more accessible.

Edit: Ok sorry i think the images will be build on the config of every individual. Ok thank you.