Create own liquity pool on DIY with local fiat currency

Is it possible to create liquidity pool with various coins pairs with local fiat currency?

Hi there.

You can discuss with HollaEx team through [email protected] for this.

They said that, they won’t support DIY servers.
Is there paid service for configuring and supporting DIY server?

Did you find a way to do that? According to documentation can we implement it in DIY?

There might be a miscommunication.

The private liquidity pool (aka custom HollaEx Network) should gonna work with your DIY exchange. That is the point of the private trading network and liquidity pool actually.

Try to confirm this with the team again.

The custom HollaEx Network is a full independent trading network and engine you and run and manage on your own, fully on your end. Your HollaEx Kit and trading network will be fully isolated from the official Network with this.

Simplest way to make your market (liqudity pool) is to activate your coin and market first and then establish add it to your exchange.

You’d have add your own liquidity though as it is new.

Also, this can also be useful for other coin related issues Add new coins & pairs - HollaEx. There should also be a note at the top of the doc about activation, make sure you don’t miss that.