CORS policy issue after installing HollaEx

Hello Everyone,

After successfully installing HollaEx on my server, I keep getting CORs policy error. Any help?

Server Specs
Platform: AWS
HardDisk: 64gb
OS: Ubuntu:18.04


Hi Umar.

I suppose this is not an actual CORS issue. Seems like there’s an issue with your stream (/ server.

Can you run docker ps -a command on your server to check all of your HollaEx containers are working well?

Also, please attach the logs from your stream container If you can. You can use docker logs <NAME_OF_CONTAINER> command to get logs. The docker ps -a command that I mentioned above will show the exact container name.

You can also try to restart the exchange by using hollaex restart command and see it get fixed or not.

Please let me know.


Thanks for your reply, I just did as you said

docker ps -a


docker logs 29fd5d8d2ce9

This is the “api-binary” container


I think the / keeps return 404 error.

Any help?

Hey Umar.

Thanks for showing the screenshots.

Can you also show me the logs from local_hollaex-server-stream_1 container? That is the one handles requests to / URL.

You can use docker logs local_hollaex-server-stream_1 command on the server to get stream container’s logs.

For the API container, It looks okay :slight_smile:.


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Your logs seem fine. Did you change or configure anything in templates folder for nginx?

Please share the log after you login and get stuck in the trading page as well.


I just restarted the server using hollaex restart

and this is the log


I meant the logs after you login through the client. So just login typically with email and password and then get the logs from the steam container. Basically right when you get CORS errors on the client whats server logging at the same time.

This issue has been occurred due to the misconfiguration of the front-located reverse proxy. HollaEx gets backs to normal after the proxying issue gets resolved.

:blush: :+1:

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