Connect hollaex kit to a remote DB

I understand that HollaEx Kit automatically creates the database for me in the same container. I am looking to use AWS RDS instead of local docker postgresql for security and compliance reasons.

Is there a way to setup the connection with a remote postgresql? And can I make the connection secure with SSL?

Hi there.

Yes. Technically you can use any compatible external PostgreSQL database with HollaEx Kit.

Make a PostgreSQL database dump before proceeding If you already got a running exchange. The following step will DESTROY your existing internal PostgreSQL DB for the exchange.

Go to your HollaEx Kit’s settings/configmap file, and simply modify ENVIRONMENT_DOCKER_COMPOSE_RUN_POSTGRESQL_DB as false.

HollaEx Kit will no longer create an internal PostgreSQL database if the value is false.

At the same file, You’ll be able to find HOLLAEX_CONFIGMAP_DB_SSL config too. If you want to enable encrypted connection to DB, Please set it as true.

You also should provide your DB connection information, since you decided to use an external DB.

Please modify these values below at your secret file located at settings folder of your HollaEx Kit path.


Once everything is done, Apply the database dump you’ve made to the new database, and simply run hollaex restart to apply the changes for the server. If you didn’t initialize the exchange yet, run hollaex setup to proceed setting up the exchange like usual cases.

Feel free to reply if you have any issues.


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How can I connect to the postgresql database generated on my machine automatically?


Unfortunately, there’s no command available for now on HollaEx CLI which lets you to connect the DB directly.

Our team already noticed too that the command for direct connection to DB would be useful for users, So hopefully it would be available in next release of HollaEx CLI.

In the meantime, You can still reach to your DB by using generic psql comamnd. You should install 10.x version of PostgreSQL-Client first on your local PC. FYI.

Thank you.