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Nice job. The community needs more of these docs.


:heart_eyes: Nice step-by-step guide really!


Thanks for this.

One question please.

Do i need to join as an Exchange member and stake XHTs to have access to liquidity on a DIY Hosted exchange?


DIY hosted will have liquidity for bigger markets already and so no XHT collateral staking is required.

I think putting up collateral is just one way to get lower network fees besides doing a cloud subscription.

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Yea exactly what dogelover said!, XHT stacking is just a way of getting better incomes, HollaEx already provides liquidity for all major markets!

Ok thanks.

  1. What do you mean by bigger markets?
  2. I got an email from bitholla support saying i have to stake to be part of the network, and i frankly didn’t understand. it seemed to say i couldn’t have access to liquidity on DIY until i staked. I asked some followup questions,but i was redirected to ask on the forums.
  3. If i add a BEP-20 token to a DIY hosting ,will it reflect on other HollaEx based exchanges automatically?

Thanks a lot for all the clarifications.

  1. BTC/USDT for example is a big/major market. If you get your DIY exchange up you will see it will have liquidity.
  2. Staking affects how low you can set trading fees. So you will still get liquid markets regardless.
  3. Other exchanges could see and add it but it is up to each exchange operator.