Certbot Issues/SSL

I have a pre-existing SSL cert on my site, so when it came time to launch I had selected to skip certbot, and not paying full of attention the web build, it built it to a “HTTP”…So I turned off the SSL on my site to have certbot issue a SSL, and the following is the error.
CMD: hollaex toolbox --issue_ssl

“No such container: certbot
Failed to issue SSL certificate by using Certbot. Please confirm your settings and try again”
How can I fix this? I did go back to hollaex server --setup, and went down each all the way to hollaex prod, and still get this error, I even changed the instance of the exchange name to try to offset and rewrite. So how can I fix this?

@2nd Question
It seems to me to be far easier getting in a congif file that writes to http and just change it to https, can I do that? If soo where would I find said file, this way I can just keep me original SSL cert? Thanks in advance!


^ Seriously this makes the most sense ^ All Money Transmitting Sites have to be SSL, so why wouldn’t you just create the software to engage the call for SSL in the config file, or build, and let the EU register their own SSL? Something to ponder Hollex Team!

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Do you mean some sort of inbuilt SSL?

There have been errors thrown on elastic IPS along with Load Balancing on AWS if you already have an SSL…initially the build in Hollaex Prod asks if one wants a SSL, if select assuming the api will config itself off a http:, but it doesn’t or didn’t, so one has to go back in to the Hollaex Prod and select Yes for SSL, however this throws off any “current” SSL Cert from 3 party…So the contention is instead of Hollaex Prod, just give the Dev’s a config to write in dependencies and not have an a back end web build the SSL…just write it in a config file. I know there is a config “settings” but I played around with altering just that and doing a web build after and no luck. It would be much easier to handle the dependencies there.

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Any luck on this issue to date, we are running into the same issue?

If this doesn’t work let me know, I may have another end around…but try these first, presuming you are using Ubuntu 20

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install nginx

sudo systemctl start nginx

sudo systemctl reload nginx

Let me know, hope it helps, sorry for the delayed response I was sort of laid up and out of commission,