Cannot connect to holler network on local setup

Hi all, please help me to deal with the following issue - I’m trying to set up a local hollaex for testing. Installation seems ok (no issues fired).
But when I’m trying to setup with the command
hollaex server --setup

It asks me to choose one of the following:
1) Mainnet HollaEx Network
2) Testnet HollaEx Network
3) Custom HollaEx Network

I failed to connect to Mainnet or Testnet with the cannot connect issue:
curl: (28) Failed to connect to port 5555 after 75015 ms: Operation timed out

Can you please help me to get it working?


hey, are u still having the same issue?

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I do, it’s been for several weeks already. Tried to pass it with
hollaex server --setup --skip --force

It helped to finish the installation process, but nothing works after that

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This could be a some sort of network issue on your environment.

Are you able to access to from your server?

You could do a simple curl call to figure out whether is working.