BEP20 tokens containing $ sign?


A token on the BSC has a $ sign in it’s name. Although the name is just 4 characters long, it keeps rejecting with the message ‘Name should be between 2 and 6 characters…’

I want the setup box to pickup all data automatic. Besides, changing the name manually does not seem possible.

How to fix this?

I’d suggest adding in the token however it does get accepted. Then drop a line to support with the issue so when they are adding the new token to the network, they’d set the right name from their side. They’re quite helpful.

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It’s not quite that simple, really.
If I add the contract and ‘search’, it will find all required data. But I can’t continue because it tells me that the name required min 2 and max 6 characters… (which it does, it’s 4 total).
The presence of the $ sign makes it impossible to add it.

It should be changed in the checks, really - allowing all that is allowed on the various chains.

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You better contact support and ask them to check it manually in that case.

If there is no conflict or issues, they might manually add it.

Thanks. Send a request to support, as you both suggested.

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