API : no order price


I have a question about the API. I am using ccxt, when I do hollaex.fetch_closed_orders(), my order done at the market does not give the price but I can see it on the website. For instance, this buy order return None

… ‘status’: ‘closed’, ‘symbol’: ‘XHT/USDT’, ‘type’: ‘market’, ‘timeInForce’: ‘IOC’, ‘postOnly’: False, ‘side’: ‘buy’, ‘price’: None, …

There is similar information a bit further :

… ‘side’: ‘buy’, ‘symbol’: ‘xht-usdt’, ‘type’: ‘market’, ‘price’: ‘0’ …

Is it normal or I don’t use it properly?

Thanks !

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In this case you better get the price from your trade history instead of order. Because market order gets traded in different prices it does not return the price in the order endpoint.

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Ohhh I see, it makes sense ! I saw fetch_trades() but not fetch_my_trades() ! It works now.


Great to hear that. Order is referred to the users action which is what user has sent. Trade defines what happens afterwards to that order by other users.

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