Announcement Plugin

I am confused on how exactly to use the announcement plugin. I have enabled the plugin from the plugin section but where to input the information, That I want to announce in the exchange.

Refer to the below picture.

It would add a new section in the left panel called announcement. You can post your announcements there.

it is not showing in the left panel so hhow to solve this problem please guide me on that

Which version of HollaEx Kit are you running?

the version i am using is 2.1.5

You should upgrade it to the latest version first.

the above picture i have attatched is the page where i can post the announcement according to the docs. likely i cannot add the announcements as there is no where ic an add there is definetely problem with the plugin.

i have upgraded the exchange reinstalled the plugin but it is still not working

Whats your HollaEx Kit version?

my hollaex version is 2.1.5

As I said earlier you should upgrade your exchange to the latest version which at the moment is 2.1.18.