Adopting Trustwallet

Hollaex should look into trust wallet most apple ios will mess up while loading matamask wallet but not trust wallet specifically for apple. With this said Hollaex should look into all walletconnect platforms. Here is a example from shibaswap… This should also be a new feature for hollaex kit.


Wallet connect for staking? More wallets would be useful!

I guess it could also be used for staking… But I was more looking at the ability to easily connect wallets and just have your coin in Hollaex to exchange. I think something that should be looked at is overall accessibility which these wallet connect features provide. It would seem like a really cool type of feature to implement and could encourage people to just connect and trade onto Hollaex while also being able to easily just have access to funds such as staking or more.

If you dont have metamask on, wouldnt it just use the default wallet in this case trust wallet?

Yup but the whole idea here would be accessibility of all wallet connect options. Beyond just trust wallet. I think trust wallet is alot more accessible on a phone or computer compared to metamask and they also offer staking too.

nice option, thanks for sharing the information