admin login problem

I finished setting up and my condition was normal.

But I can’t log in to the website administrator.

After entering ID and PASS, NETWORK ERROR message appears.

What’s the problem?

That means your web client is not connected to your server api address and it is probably using localhost to access your server.

Did you follow hollaex prod command?

How are you trying to access your website URL?

If you can share the url, I can take a look.

Hi, am having the same problem to login as Teddy. Am trying to access on localhost:8080

Its because your servers domain is set as localhost but you are trying to access to server from elsewhere. So your web browser wants to access your API server localhost which would mean your own computer (since you are viewing the site there).

In order to make it production ready and allow external access, you would need to use hollaex prod command and then restart the server and web accordingly.