Adding a new trading pair to exchange via command hex upgrade

I wanted to add a new trading pair, XRP/BTC, so I added it on my configmap file. I ran hex upgrade but the new pair is not showing up on my server. How can I add this new trading pair to my exchange?

Currently adding new currencies is not supported on cli. It’s something we are going to support soon.

Hi there.

HollaEx CLI provides a toolbox command called hollaex toolbox --add_trading_pair for adding new trading pairs. Similar for adding coins, there’s a command called hollaex toolbox --add_coin for adding new currencies. You can use these commands to freely add your custom coins and pairs.

Also, Starting from the recent release, We started to provide an web exchange configurator at bitHolla dashboard. You can go through the whole setup processes with it, including custom currencies and pairs setup. Please have a look. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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