404 There is nothing here! after all setup completed

After all setup completed and while trying to enter my domain i get the error below

404 There is nothing here!

If you are an exchange administrator, and facing this page after the initial setup, You probably missed to setup domain(s) for the exchange.

If you haven’t bind domain(s) for the exchange yet, please run ‘hollaex prod’ command to do so.

Please visit docs.hollaex.com to see guides, forum.hollaex.com to get further help.

Regards, HollaEx Team.

I set hollaex prod to my domain many times but still same problem and when i try to get ssl i got error
Detail: No valid IP addresses found for …

/v2/health is ok and everything seems fine but i got stuck to see my exchange website :frowning:

Have you rebuilt the web after using the prod command? Most likely your web is pointing still to localhost instead of the correct domain/ip address.

Yes i did it. But still same :frowning:

Hi there.

Can you go to your /settings directory of your HollaEx Kit folder, and check the configmap file?

They’re gonna be 2 values for setting up domains:


Could you please post those values here?

Thank you.