404 no matter what

I keep getting a 404 after the HollaEx production command when it finishes, whether I use a domain (which HAS been correctly setup), or the IP, or the instance domain. I tried this on AWS and DO. Nothing works. The health page is unreachable either. It seems many people posted about this exact thing here, but nothing is getting resolved at all.

You should provide more information, which step you are on, what you got as the last message, logs etc… Otherwise it’s quite unclear and no hard for anyone to assist you with such a vague question.

I have already wrote about this on discord (to kycfeel)…

Anyway, here is the run up again:

On which VPS? like what did you use?

Here is my flow:
Hollaex dashboard account + verification
Digital ocean market place/ HollaEx Image deployed
Domain linked to digital ocean nameservers and A records pointed at x.com and www.x.com; certificate issued from DO through letsencrypt
Launch instance, server setup and server running command
Web setup and web running command
Production command (attempts to use the linked domain, the IP address, the ip address + .sslip.io) – this is where things fail

what does your 404 page look like exactly?

Did you setup the domain with hollaex prod command?

Yes and I then pushed the build as instructed (mentioned all the steps I took in the initial post). This was tested on AWS and DO. This goes for both trying an actual linked domain (that resolves fine), and an IP address (tested alone xxx.xxx.xxx and through sslip.io).