How to collateralize an exchange?

How can I collateralize an exchange to run my exchange? How long should the token be locked and is there anything else I get for locking the tokens?


If you got an exchange already created then go to and follow the process.

It’s all done with XHT token only but there is an automatic currency conversion system to get XHT or you can try and obtain the token from the open market on

If you don’t have enough funds you can put whatever amount of collateral you have, open to public and allow others to add to your exchange collateral pool. Once target amount of collateral is met it will lock for 6 months and your exchange kit will work without the trial/expired messages everywhere.

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I can also buy it directly from bitholla dashboard I assume. Isnt that better liquidity wise? I guess till its market gets real OTC makes more sense.

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That is true. Either way. Just contact [email protected]

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